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After receiving a traffic ticket, your first instinct in "resolving" the legal matter is to pay the ticket. Thinking that you do not need to fight is an assumption that can be costly in fines, insurance rate increases, and possible driver's license suspension or revocation. Commercial drivers must protect their CDL against DMV points and Federal reporting.

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What you see is what you get. Either Mark Sutherland or John Farris will be in court for you. Other law firms who handle traffic law often hire inexperienced attorneys to appear in court. TTA has a reputation for success with our clients and high standards of ethics in the eyes of fellow legal professionals, appearing before judges in traffic court throughout Southern California.

Since 1986, Traffic Ticket Attorneys has represented drivers with traffic infractions and misdemeanors, including speeding, unsafe lane changes, following too close and red lights. Regardless of the severity of the violation, we prepare all our cases for trial. Mark and John enjoy cross-examining police officers to hold them to the criminal standard of "reasonable doubt".

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