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With the federal government becoming increasingly more involved in interstate commerce, commercial vehicle drivers face particular challenges when they are pulled over for a suspected traffic violation. A nationwide database not only tracks the tickets issued, but also the traffic stops that did not result in a ticket.

Protecting the Rights and Livelihoods of Commercial Vehicle Drivers

At Traffic Ticket Attorneys, our dedicated lawyers and support staff are devoted to protecting the rights and careers of hardworking drivers of tractor-trailers, local delivery trucks, buses, limousines, and taxis.

Located in Santa Ana, Traffic Lawyers Mark Sutherland and John Farris possess a track record of success on behalf of hardworking, long-distance commercial drivers. We know that careers and livelihoods are at stake when we take on your traffic case, focusing on providing you with consistent legal representation, giving you peace of mind and the convenience of not having to appear in California for that traffic ticket you got at the scale, or on the highway in Orange County, Riverside County or San Bernardino County.

Points against your driving record may only be the beginning of your legal problems. Following the citation, you may receive a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles, notifying you that your license is going to be suspended. Time is of the essence in responding to that warning, as you have only 10 days to respond.

With the possibility of losing both your license and your job, our trained office staff can assist you in dealing with all Negligent Operator DMV hearings for the State of California.

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