Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland

Santa Ana, California

I conceived the idea of “Traffic Ticket Attorneys” in November 1986 after getting burned out on criminal and family law. So, for over 25 years I’ve enjoyed doing what I do.  We are the original Traffic Ticket Attorneys, established in 1986, specializing in traffic law in the state of California.

We like being in court and enjoy the on-your-feet thinking that is necessary to present a good defense. Our practice consists of trying the same type of cases over and over, but we keep a look out for better ways to do it, new issues to be raised, and we are still enthused with this unique niche of law that I started so long ago. 

Published Cases:

People v Munoz 11CA4 1190;15CR2 21 (1992)  4DCA Div 3

People v Stapf 34CR2 351 (1994)  4DCA Div 3 (de-published)

People v Earnest 33CA4 Supp. 18; 40 CR2 304 (1995)  App.Dept OC

People v Studley 44CA4 Supp.1; 52CR2 461 (1996)  App.Dept OC

People v Singh 92CA4 Supp.13; 112CR2 74 (2001)  App.Dept SJ


·CLE Bar Course

·Police Motorcycle Officers' Association

·Trucking Association Convention


Traffic Ticket Defense, 1990

Traffic Ticket Defense for the Trucker, 1995


Areas of Practice

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Traffic Violations